About Me

Hello! I’m Samanee Mahbub. My name sounds a lot like Some Money aka my rapper name. Correcting people’s pronunciation of my name taught me to speak up for myself at a young age.

This website should tell you a little bit about what I do (write, photograph, and build). But who the heck am I? Glad you asked.

Firstly, I’m an adventurer.

This adventurous spirit means I’m not afraid to jump into unknown situations. I took a gap year with nothing planned and found my way to 18 cities, cold-emailed my way to four start-up jobs with zero relevant experience, and learned my greatest life lesson: I have the autonomy to do whatever I want to do.

Next, I’m an activator.

One of my greatest loves is to meet new people, learn about what ideas they’re working on, and see how I can help them make it happen. Smart people should be working on hard problems. But it’s easy to end up doing what everyone else wants you to do. I try to be the helpful nudge that encourages people to pursue their idea.

Finally, I’m a do-er.

I’ve amassed a lifetime of experiences in the last 24 years. From great loves and heartbreaks, travels to 28 countries and counting, organizing events to turn strangers into friends, 150+ portrait shoots, a mildly successful blog, a couple businesses, and opportunities at some of the best companies in the world.

The best part though? I’m just getting started.

What am I up to now?

I’m currently based in SF as a brand marketer at Rothy’s. Outside of work, I organize Juntos, write on Medium, and am working on a new business idea in the leather goods space.