Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I’m a storyteller, a photographer, and an entrepreneur.

Life’s taken me all over the place (26 countries to be exact). In that time, I studied history at Brown, worked eight jobs across non-profits, finance and tech, and started (and failed) a few businesses.

My other adventures include boarding a plane to Rome in a Santa Claus outfit, bungee jumping 470ft on New Year’s Day, and organizing weekly Salons and Juntos with strangers because I really hate small talk.

Sometimes though, life isn’t that great. I’ve had all my money stolen (in a burlesque club in Berlin of all places), lost three friends to a terrorist attack, and struggle with something I describe as ambression (ambition + depression).

It’s the good and the bad however that made me who I am: an adventurer, an activator, and a do-er.

I hope you enjoy exploring what I do, learning about who I am, and maybe if I’m so lucky, you send me an email to say hi.

Last note. Did I tell you how awesome you are? It only takes two seconds of your day to make someone else’s day. Let’s spread the love ❤️